summer tv is messing with my head
eeeehhhh the twilight film is causing me so much hassle, its like do i watch it and be dissapointed cause its no where near as good as the books; which im completely in love with or do i not watch but then always sit and wonder if im missing out on something....eughgh im so lost because of it.

im presume aswell american school holidays and blahdy blah are all the same time as england so why is all the best programmes end just in time for this super long time of boredom, like im going super crazy not knowin whether chuck has died or whether or not rachel has seen sense and left finn and ran away with puck ha.

though amazing make it or break it sucks worse then it ever has before, like whats with the lack of damon these past episodes and changing the day its on, totally threw me off. though pretty little liars i think i may have fallen in love with so much that im debating buying the books just to keep me busy tuesday to tuesday.

ohhh and a new one rookie blue, omg its so baddddd but i just cant stop watching it and well this all my summer has involved this year and i miss real tv, but asim currently still homeless well not really but my house still isn't ready, got like two more weeks hopefully. well tv is my baby at the moment and to make me even more bored i have no inspiration at all so i haven't done any art in like a month maybe, so thats upsetting, but im gonna try try try again till it finally happens

anyway im rambling and i have a an inbox with 50 unread fics that i need to get started on.


a little angry today hmmm
 again i dont really know what to write on here but ive had a shitty week so im just gonna explode, so first i hate my job i get shouted at for like everything, one little cleaning job isnt done and its like the end of the world and im getting phonecalls of people just bitching at me when in the time they sped bitching they could of just done it themselves.

im moving house and well thats taking for ever, ive been homeless and at my bfs mums now for a month and now they reckon another month until everythin is done and tbh i really just want my own bed and my own space to do whatever i want and cook whatever i feel like when i feel like it.

finalllyyyy ive watched the last ep of gossip girl and OMG chuck better live or i might die myself, i swear their was tears still flowing about an hour after it finished, i was heartbroken. omg and 90210 seriously annie and liam, didnt they attempt that the first season and well it didnt go to well then either.

well anyways im gonna take my anger elsewhere, and i bring a new art that i found lying around and well it made me smile

My latest art
 my latest and i just had to do it the minute i heard the name "finnessa", ha i love it.

I'm so new and slightly lost
 Ooooh I'm so new to this, not so sure what to say, but yeah I'm new to livejournal and I love to talk.

At the moment I love glee fanfic so after months of readin through ff.net, Ive got a little bored over there so checking out here since I know alot of my favourite writers are over here.

So hmm really dont know what to say, so I'll end with if you interested in the same stuff as me, which at the moment is glee especially puckleberry, then yea add me, never know destiny might make me you new best friend, ha lol.



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